The 2023 Shasta Region Zone 7 Tour was a success!!!

PCA Members throughout the State have labelled this "THE BEST EVENT OF THE YEAR". Driving 800+ miles over 3 1/2 days through the mountains and valleys of California's four most northern counties provides for a fun, thrilling, and sometimes challenging ride.

This picture shows nine of the Participant's Porsches, along with the participants. Behind them is the Saturday Luau Banquet.

In the background one can see the table settings among the trees bordering the Sacramento River.

THANK YOU to Maureen Bonessa, who 'stitched together' 25 separate shots into this one panoramic picture. And Thanks to Brian Bonessa for holding on to Maureen while she stood on a ladder perched on the back of a pickup truck to get this amazing perspective (without a 'drone' !!)