After several postponements, weather delays, and route alterations, we finally were able to pull off a tour for March!
The quintuple of 911s supported by the lone Cayenne left Red Bluff and headed west up HWY 36 before turning north into Cottonwood for our first stop. After stocking up on dried meats and fruits (and maybe a few lottery tickets) we made our way east along the rockwall and up HWY 36 east to Mineral.
All the greenery, mountain views, and flowing streams made the delays and postponements worthwhile. With a few exceptions, the roads were in surprisingly good condition considering the recent floods and weather related deviation in the area.
The 10 hungry travelers enjoyed a good lunch and great service at the Lassen Mineral Lodge Cafe, afterwards we headed back down the hill stopping at the overlook for a photo opp, along with some impromptu treasure hunting (you had to be there).
Thank you to everyone's patients with the constantly changing tour date and for the drive team on helping pin down a doable route.

David Nichols