The May Tour was our first overnight tour of the year, and appropriately named the 'Beach Cruz'. Our group of 10 members started off from Red Bluff Friday morning in five cars - three 911s and two Caymans (well, one Cayman and one GT4). Heading West we met the storm head on, as it was moving East. Warm temps and low precipitation kept the roads good and just enough drizzle to do the RedWoods justice. Multiple stops along the way included Shoe Tree and Hells Gate for some photo opportunities before stopping for lunch at the Scotia Inn, where we were treated to a real 'Bake Fest' (if you know, you know). This was a driver's drive, experiencing some of the best roads the North State has to offer. We ended up in Fort Bragg for the end of Day 1, with a great meal overlooking the bay at the Haber View Bistro.

Day 2 got us started with clearer skies and good roads all along HWY 1. With lunch overlooking Bodega Bay and a couple of photo opps along the way, a run in with a local Karen couldn't dappen anyone's spirits. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and ending up in Pacifica for our Day 2 stop reminded us why we don't live in the big city anymore. Oh yeah, this is what traffic is like..... After a couple of room changes we had another great meal watching the sun set across the beach before venturing out to what I am sure is the largest Taco Bell on the beach that serves margaritas.

Day 3 had us hitting the road first thing in the morning, and after navigating the steep driveway aprons (with Hans acting as our club spotter) we 'ran' up the always great road to Alice's Restaurant for breakfast. It was great to see all the other cool cars and other Zone 7 members. After another great meal and car oogleing we parted ways, with some continuing adventures, visiting family, or heading back.

David Nichols