February's Tour started off in a downpour which quickly made way for clear blue skies. With a little bit of snow at the higher elevations, the warm temps kept the roads clear and made for some beautiful scenery. We had a great turnout with 13 cars and 24 participants. There was a great mix of vehicles, from a 928 to a 992, and everything in between, including the three SUVs. It was good to see some folks that haven't been out with us in a while, as well as some new members on their first Tour. It might have only been 108 miles, but it was an engaging 108 miles!

Starting out at our hub and sponsor, the Gaia hotel in Anderson, we toured along the rock wall area before arriving in ShingleTown for our main stop at the ShingleTown Volunteer Fire Department's breakfast fundraiser. It was great to support this organization, and the food was pretty good too! After getting our fill and visiting, we headed north through the Whitmore area, traveling along the roller coaster route and back down to Anderson, where we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

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David Nichols